One hour 1-on-1 Online Interactive Practice Session for NAC OSCE (subscribers eligible for a 40% discount)


This service is a great opportunity for practicing with our well-known instructor, Dr. Vahid Nilforushan and receiving invaluable instant oral feedback.

This sessions are mostly suitable for those who have subscribed to one of our courses, and have advanced in our pre-recorded course (part of our courses). Although our pre-recorded course helps with improving English language fluency, if your fluency is at a low level, these sessions may not be of much help to you. Of course, your English language fluency needs to be at an acceptable level before registering for the NAC OSCE exam as well.

Each session lasts one hour, but you have the option to make an appointment for more than one hour per session. Most candidates are able to interact in two scenarios per hour. However, if you are highly skilled, you might be able to interact in three scenarios per hour.

The sessions can be recorded and shared with you if you want and you will have the option to interact in the scenarios of your choice as well.

If you have subscribed to our courses, you are eligible for a 40% discount for these sessions ($60/hour). In that case, please contact us to get a discount code before making a payment.

You can book your appointment with us here before or after Adding to the cart below and making the payment.

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