“Do it once, do it right.”

How our NAC OSCE Ace Guarantee works

Our mission is to help IMGs ACE (not just pass) the NAC OSCE exam on their first attempt because passing the NAC OSCE with a low score is of little to no value and retaking the exam is very costly.

Our Ace guarantee is explained in details below. In brief, it means we will continue our support until you ace the NAC OSCE exam.

After several years of specializing in NAC OSCE training, continuous improvement in our courses and services and being honored by having many students who ranked in the top 1% of the examinees and a large number of students who aced the NAC OSCE on their first attempt, we are well-positioned to empower candidates to ace the NAC OSCE. Without this guidance most hardworking IMGs run into a ceiling and fail to ace the exam despite several attempts. We have proven that we are aware of every important detail in the process of acing the NAC OSCE, we are invested in our students’ success and we go the extra mile to make sure our students pass the NAC OSCE exam with superior performance on their first attempt. However, some of the factors that are important in this process (eg, the time spent on studying/practicing, candidates’ health status on the day of exam, etc.) are out of our control. Therefore, at times we see students who do not pass the exam with superior performance. Some of these students decide to retake the exam to improve their scores.

To improve our support to our students we added our Ace Guarantee to our NAC OSCE course in 2022. This will allow students to rejoin us free of charge for up to two more times until they pass the exam with superior performance (ace the exam). As always, we will continue adding useful content and updating our course to help our students in this journey too. We use the MCC score interpretation guide to determine if you have passed the exam with superior performance or not before extending your access to the course. While there are NAC OSCE courses that provide Pass Guarantee (letting students take the course gain to pass the exam), we are the only one that provides Ace Guarantee.

Please note that our Ace Guarantee will not be available to those who subscribe to our courses for less than 4 months unless they take our mock exam (if available) as well. For longer than 4 month subscriptions, you will benefit from our Ace Guarantee where you will be able to rejoin us right after receiving your results. After rejoining us, you can stay with us for about 11 months (until your exam) for a maximum of two times. After rejoining us, you will be provided with the latest version of our pre-recorded course and the recordings of our live sessions until your exam. Also, the online notes of our live sessions will be available to you indefinitely. You will be able to attend, observe and contribute to our ongoing twice-weekly live sessions until your exam as long as these sessions are conducted too. You will also benefit from a 40% discount on our 1-on-1 practice sessions if required.

However, when you rejoin us,

  1. You will be able to role-play in our live sessions only if new students are not willing to do so.
  2. You may ask your questions at the end of live sessions if our time allows as our new students will have priority for asking questions.
  3. You will not be provided with express/prompt email support.
  4. You will not benefit from a discount on our online mock exam (unless you did not take our mock exam before).
  5. You will need to use the technology that we use for offering our course materials at the time you rejoin us if it is different from the one you used before.

This process guarantees that you are well supported until you ace the exam. However, please note that it is unlikely that you ace the exam if

  1. Your English language fluency is poor.
  2. You start preparation less than 4 months before your exam.
  3. You spend less than 21 hours a week for studying/practicing.
  4. You do not use our pre-recorded course and the step by step approach in the course and you do not document/monitor your progress in the course.
  5. You start practicing a variety of scenarios BEFORE making a solid foundation for your clinical skills (especially for history taking and communication skills) by using our pre-recorded course.
  6. You do not practice with others or you do not record and review (monitor) yourself when practicing by yourself.
  7. You do not role-play in our live sessions, you do not take any 1-on-1 practice/feedback sessions with us and you do not take our mock exam (at least one of these is essential. You may also need two or all of these).
  8. You use resources/courses that are poor in communication skills and lead to the development of bad habits for you.

That is, for acing the exam, if you do it right, you only need to take the exam once. Remember, “If you DO ENOUGH SMALL things RIGHT, big things can happen.” John Wooden

As you probably know, the easiest and fastest way of succeeding in anything and mastering any skill is modeling those who have excelled in that skill. Therefore, if you want to ace the NAC OSCE exam, you should follow the above recommendations that were followed by our students who ranked in the top 1% of the examinees. We are confident about our ability to help you ace the NAC OSCE exam. However, if you cannot do your part and satisfy the above requirements for acing the NAC OSCE, please reconsider taking the exam or joining us at this time.

If you believe you can follow the above recommendations and want to join us now, you can subscribe to a 4 month subscription to our NAC OSCE course here. For more or less than 6 month subscription, please contact us. You also have an option to try the pre-recorded part of our NAC OSCE course for free before joining us. If you are interested in this option, please visit the free trial page.