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We understand that you have several options for NAC OSCE preparation and we believe that you need to gather as much information as you can about NAC OSCE courses before choosing one. Otherwise, you will risk your future and money and will regret later on

Further to the numerous issues that we have seen in the performance of candidates who took our online NAC OSCE mock exam but were trained elsewhere, we feel a deep sense of responsibility to help IMGs make an informed decision in choosing a course to avoid needless suffering in their preparation and career. Therefore, we are currently providing an opportunity for accessing our exceptional pre-recorded course (part of our Semi-interactive course, and including videos and documents) for free for 1 day to those who have can provide us with a proof of registration for the upcoming NAC OSCE exam. If NAC OSCE registration is not open yet, you can provide us with a proof that shows you are in the process of credential recognition in Canada (like a screenshot of a part of your profile). Alternatively, if you know any of our students or contacts, you may ask them to introduce you to us. Of note, our Semi-interactive course includes live practice sessions twice a week in addition to our pre-recorded course. To respect the privacy of our students, the recordings of live sessions are not included in the free trial but will be provided to you after you join us.

Most IMGs need to go through a challenging transformation process to be empowered to ace the NAC OSCE exam. However, most training programs charge candidates a lot of money without really facilitating this process because instead of providing a simple and step by step approach for making a solid foundation for competencies (criteria used by the MCC for scoring candidates), they focus on disciplines and presenting scenarios, and they provide limited opportunities for practice and feedback. Therefore, instead of mastering clinical skills, candidates develop bad habits that will be very hard to change later. Unfortunately, most candidates realize this only after taking the exam. 

By reviewing our pre-recorded course, you will have a better idea about the value of our Semi-interactive course and will have a point of reference about what to expect from other courses and how to prepare for the exam.

If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, please submit your proof of registration for the exam or another relevant proof as mentioned above (only if the registration is not open yet) in the form below or to when you are ready to use our trial. We need to ask for this as our course is fundamentally different from others and, unlike other courses, we are providing access to the whole pre-recorded course for free except the investigations/managements document (which is extremely valuable and will be partly provided to you). You may mask your candidate number in your document but not your full name. Your information will be kept confidential and will be discarded after the trial. Please note for trying the course, you will need to download our course videos and documents to your computer (Windows preferred over Mac for the free trial), and use them with special software. You need to have about 6 GB of storage on your computer for this purpose.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by trying our course. If you decide not to join us after the 1-day trial, we will not ask you any questions. In that case, you will still learn many critical points for your exam that are not available elsewhere. What you will certainly notice after trying our pre-recorded course would be that it can simplify your preparation and help you compress years or months of preparation into days. You will also realize that joining us would be one of the best investments that you have ever made in yourself as a physician. Also, please note that we are not just another NAC OSCE course. Without trying our course, you will never realize what you will be missing if you leave us behind. Remember, ignorance is never the best policy. Finding out and being smart is the best policy.

If you decide to join us after the trial, it would be a simple process and you will be able to use our content on a mobile device offline as well. For more information about our Semi-interactive course, please click here. If you need our Semi-interactive course for less than 6 months, we will customize it for you if you join us now too. Please note that the course price will increase as we add more content to the course, but you will benefit from the additional content at no additional charge. 

We insist that you use the free trial before joining us as we are just looking for your satisfaction and want you to get the best results and make an informed decision before choosing a NAC OSCE course. We want you to leave us behind confidently now rather than join us a few years from now just because you were unaware of the value of our course and our difference from others. As you may have seen in the testimonials of many of our students, the process of trying other courses before joining us was very costly to them.  

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