Dr. M.S. (after receiving the results of the Sep. 2023 NAC OSCE)

“In September 2023, I attempted the NAC OSCE exam for the second time, after failing the exam the first time around. Enrolling in Dr. Vahid’s NAC OSCE course made all the difference, leading to a score of 636 (92.4th percentile). I feel incredibly fortunate to have discovered Dr. Vahid’s course online. In a sea of prep courses with flashy advertisements, it’s often challenging to determine which one will truly guide you through the preparation process. Taking a chance on Dr. Vahid’s course turned out to be a decision I’m immensely grateful for, as everything listed on his website is absolutely accurate.

What sets his course apart are three key elements. First, the comprehensive pre-recorded videos cover both content (such as differential diagnoses for various clinical presentations, risk factors for diseases, reading ECGs, etc.) and skills (e.g., how to take a thorough history based on symptoms, conducting focused and comprehensive physical exams based on differential diagnoses). Second, Dr. Vahid’s weekly classes delve into high-yield clinical scenarios and content, focusing on key differential diagnoses. Lastly, the extensive mock exam provided a clear understanding of my strengths and areas needing improvement, proving to be a crucial component of my preparation.

Beyond the concrete benefits of the course mentioned above, there are many intangibles that make this course special. First and foremost, the instructor – Dr. Vahid truly wants to see all of his students succeed and will go the extra mile to ensure students are well-prepared. He provided comprehensive email responses to questions and supplemental study material curated for each topic discussed during weekly meetings, for example. Not once did I feel like this was a business interaction, but rather that I was under the guidance of a well-intentioned, proactive, and knowledgeable mentor. Second, the weekly environment is supportive and encouraging, providing a safe space to practice in front of others, make mistakes, and receive valuable feedback. I also met other like-minded colleagues, some of whom became study partners and now friends, long after the exam is over.

In sum, the culture and community that Dr. Vahid creates provides an optimal learning environment for success. I hope this statement serves to highlight that you, the potential future student of Dr. Vahid, will gain more from his course than any monetary gains he will receive from your payment for the course! The course is truly priceless and only you have to lose by not enrolling.”
Dr. Alex W. (after receiving the results of the Sep. 2023 NAC OSCE)

“Taking Dr. Vahid’s course was my single most important decision leading to a high score in the NAC OSCE. I knew about him because two other friends of mine who passed the NAC OSCE well recommended me to have a look, so I tried out his Essential course. During the Essential course I was impressed by his original perspective on how to ACE the exam with confidence. Because what he said was not seen elsewhere, I felt that showed how experienced and thoughtful he was when it came to coaching IMGs. Moreover, the ACE guarantee and reasonable pricing were reasons I decided to take the full course.

During the full course, Dr. Vahid laid out a clear plan by providing us with pre-course materials that were clear and instructional. Therefore, I never felt lost as a student, nor was I expected to figure out what to do on my own just because “I was supposed to know that”. As a result of his clear direction, my study effort was effective in preparing for the examination.

There were lots of practice opportunities with Dr. Vahid, who led every session. Although there were times when I made mistakes including stupid ones, never did I feel ashamed because of Dr. Vahid’s ability to deliver comments positively and constructively. In particular after one of my practice, I was surprised that he was able to recall and remark on my progress compared to my previous practice, which was already a month ago.

The mock examination was incredibly well designed according to the examination format. The thoughtful and personalized feedback by Dr. Vahid helped to optimize my preparation in the last several weeks before the examination.

On the day of the NAC OSCE exam, I felt prepared. Looking back, I could not recognize myself before starting the course because of how much I have grown. If you have the desire to ACE the NAC OSCE, and the will to go through the hours of study, yet feel nervous or uncertain about how to do it, this course is the way to go. “
Dr. B.M. (after receiving the results of the Sep. 2023 NAC OSCE)

“What Dr Vahid did was more than helping me to get an amazing score (643, 95.7th percentile); his course doesn’t just prepare you for the NAC-OSCE but also will make you a better physician. Even in my current practice, I have incorporated a lot of elements I learnt from him during the course and I feel more prepared for my residency than if I hadn’t taken the course. It is easy to simply see the exam as something to get out of the way but that would be a missed opportunity to be readier than ever to undertake the next steps.

The course however gives you what you put into it. But if you put effort into it, Dr Vahid will bring you further than you would ever have on your own.

This is a testimony to Dr Vahid himself: an exemplary physician and teacher who has so much to share in terms of wisdom and knowledge; that alone was worth registering for the course.

All in all, it’s an absolutely invaluable course both for the NAC-OSCE and for practicing as a physician.”
Dr. W. (after receiving the results of the Sep. 2022 NAC OSCE)

“I got my NAC results today and I scored 1456 (98.8th percentile). I’m beyond ecstatic! I couldn’t have achieved my score without Dr Vahid’s class, his course material and the Mock exam! His course has definitely transformed my preparation to the best it could be. It has all the elements that’s targeted towards achieving great results for the NAC OSCE, from knowledge, clinical skills to communication and counselling. It has up to date and concise information on what I needed for the exam to perform like a Canadian medical graduate.

I’m also beyond grateful to the immense help I received from Dr Vahid. He’s a kind, considerate and very dedicated instructor, who goes above and beyond in helping his students. He answers all our questions in his best efforts and always keeping class materials uptodate and comprehensive. His class notes are gold and perfectly outlines the structure for history taking, focused exam and counselling and points out key points that helped me in my exam. Additionally, I have also met all of my great study partners from the class!

I also took the Mock and having real SP really helped me to practise my clinical and communication skills like how I did in the real exam. For each station, Dr Vahid provided great detailed feedback in the context of criteria assessed by MCC and it helped me really know what to work and improve on.

Overall, I can’t thank Dr Vahid enough and I would without any hesitation highly recommend his course to everyone!”
Dr. L.G. (after receiving the results of the May 2022 NAC OSCE)

“I just got my NAC result (May 2022), and I scored 1457 (98.9th percentile). I am extremely happy and grateful to Dr. Vahid, who enormously contributed to it. I registered for his course about 3 months before the exam, but due to COVID I had to postpone my NAC exam and he was very accommodating about the situation and continued all his effort to make sure I was preparing well. There was no single time in which I felt his course was focused on profits. He knows all his students and he always answered me fast every time I needed or I had questions. Besides the course, I had three one-to-one sessions with him, in which his feedback was extremely helpful and relevant so that I could adjust my practice accordingly. The course itself is different from others that I’ve seen because it prepares us for ALL scenarios, not only high-yield topics. He does not focus on “high-yield cases” but in everything we should know to master all the complaints in each system or communication challenge. The course is divided by systems and his material on the most common scenarios, which questions we should be aware in many systems and his tips on the verbalized physical examination were really above the expectations. The material is EXTREMELY well organized and prepared. During the weekly meetings, the cases we were exposed to were very relevant. Everyone has the opportunity to play the role of physician in some of the sessions, I did it 3 times. Moreover, I did his mock test and I believe that it is the most complete mock I’ve seen (and this is a general opinion from several friends who did it too). There were 12 stations (rather than 10), the scenarios covered all the significant areas of medicine and his feedback was very extensive with checklists (more than 40 pages). He corrects not only medical approaches but also grammar, sentences, communication and non-verbal communication. Also, the standardized patients were native speakers, which was a differential too. I believe the mock I did with him was the one single decision that helped me the most to get a good score. Talking about Dr. Vahid, he is very methodic, gentle, responsible, caring and available. Sometimes, we can have the impression that no one will get everything he expects correctly, but this helped me and encouraged me to keep moving forward. Even on the day before the exam, when I was anxious and worried, he wrote me words of encouragement and trust. I will always be grateful for his hard work and for choosing his course to help me in this journey. I also would like to thank the study partners I had, many of them I got to know at Dr. Vahid’s course, even some of them who were not registered, but Dr. Vahid made the link between us. As a final note, right strategy needs to be associated with hard work to be fruitful. I practiced for 12 months with practices in small groups which were initially weekly and then daily. In each encounter, we covered 4-6 cases and near the exam I did mocks of 10 cases with my study partners. I would say I dedicated about 3h on weekdays and 5h on weekends to my preparation. Make sure you use your time to prepare cases for practice and to read about the cases after the encounters. All the best!”
Dr. J.S. (after receiving the results of the May 2022 NAC OSCE)

“I passed my NAC exam with a score of 1453. I certainly could not have done this without the help and guidance of Dr. Vahid during my preparation. I joined his NAC course in December (as the exam was supposed to be in March) as well as signed up for the mock examination. I am extremely grateful to Dr. Vahid for extending the course for 3 more months until we finished our exam, as well as for rescheduling the mock examination.

The course was very comprehensive and the materials were very detailed. I could tell that he really put in a lot of effort in preparation for them. I found the weekly tutorials extremely useful. Each of us had a turn to practice if we wanted to (I personally volunteered 4 times), and would receive feedback from him and other students. He was always meticulous and helped us develop good communication skills as well as understand the Canadian medical system. He would always search up the most up-to-date guidelines and regulations, which turned out to be helpful in the exam. Moreover, I frequently emailed Dr. Vahid with questions and he never failed to reply to me as soon as possible. Overall, I truly felt like he genuinely wanted to help us do well on the exam.

The mock examination was extremely helpful. It consisted of 12 stations with standardized patients who were all native English speakers. It covered high-yield topics and allowed me to see how I did under time pressure. Dr. Vahid also sent us a detailed document of feedback after the mock examination, explaining points he would have included, and how to improve our communication skills and grammar. I think that doing the mock was very different from just practicing with my study partner and I would highly recommend it to anyone planning to do the NAC!”
Maz A
Dr. M.A. (after receiving the results of the Sep. 2022 NAC OSCE)

“I got my NAC result (September 2022) and I scored 1432 (90th Percentile). I’ve never written a review before and I’ve never been a big fan of medical courses ever since I was in medical school.
However, subscribing to Nil Academia was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made since I came to Canada. Dr. Vahid is a very dedicated, hard working man who is always available and truly passionate about teaching. The course’s material are more than enough for anyone who wants to take the NAC OSCE. This course did not only prepare me for the NAC OSCE, but also improved my clinical and communication skills; I can now take a history, do a physical examination, counsel patients, and interpret x-rays and ECGs in a more confident way within only 3 months.

“Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime”.
What makes this course unique and different is that it doesn’t only prepare you for high yield cases. It teaches you how to deal with literally anything. It reprograms your approach to almost any clinical situation no matter how surprising it is. I’m not exaggerating when I say that this course made me realize that medicine is not just a science but also an art.

The mock exam was crucial to me. I think I would’ve scored so much lower if I hadn’t taken it. It put me under real pressure which wasn’t any less than the real exam. There’s also a very detailed written feedback about your own performance at every single station and how to improve. Your own performance will be dissected precisely. I mean every single word or gesture would be noted and commented on. I don’t think you’ll find that anywhere else.

I met a lot of candidates at the exam day and I felt truly confident when I saw them asking questions that seemed pretty basic to me because the course covered almost everything. I’m truly grateful to Dr. Vahid and to my awesome study partners who I met at the course.”
John Ken.
Dr. JKPR (after receiving the results of the Sep. 2022 NAC OSCE)

“I highly recommend any course Dr Vahid Nilforushan is offering because he is knowledgeable and more importantly his attitude towards his students is positive and encouraging. Many courses claim superiority, however they try to take all the credit which takes away the most significant aspect of any application or exam: the person himself/herself. Dr. Vahid has individualized methods of maximizing your potential for success. He is always available, and ready to offer any help needed. Please do not hesitate to enroll to any of his classes and trust his process. It worked for me as I ranked in the 90th percentile of my NAC session. Many thanks to all your efforts Dr Vahid, I am certain you will help more IMGs in the future.”
Eliz No
Dr. C.N. (after receiving the results of the Sep. 2022 NAC OSCE)

“My score for the NAC OSCE Exam (Sept 2022) was 1427. I am extremely happy with my result. I had previously written and passed the exam with a very low pass, so I decided to try the exam again in order to improve my score.

I knew I needed help to achieve my target score. I actually came across Dr. Vahid class accidentally and I must say, this was my best accident ever. I listened to other members of the group present and I took notes of their mistakes and corrections. I had the opportunity to present twice, my feedback was a hard pill to swallow but it encouraged me to work and practice smarter. You can never go wrong with Dr. Vahid’s class, it would take a lot of hard work and commitment but like he rightly says, don’t study harder, study smarter. We practiced both high and low yield scenarios and each person got an opportunity to present a case. It is very cheap and very comprehensive.

I must say a big thank you to Dr. Vahid, I couldn’t have done this without your feedback and guidance. I am already excited for the next chapter.”
Dr. I.F. (after receiving the results of the May 2022 NAC OSCE)

“I passed my NAC OSCE exam with the score of 1453. The NAC OSCE mock exam by Dr. Vahid was essential as a means of preparing and familiarizing myself with the actual exam. The SPs were great and the written feedback provided afterwards by him was quite comprehensive. The real exam is very similar to what I’ve experienced in the mock. I highly recommend it!”
Dr. R.Y. (after receiving the results of the May 2022 NAC OSCE)

“I passed my NAC exam with the score of 1448.
I was looking for a mock test and while searching online I came across Dr. Vahid’s website. I decided to go for the online mock test with him. It was the best decision I made.
The mock test was timed and I had to go through the stations with different native speaking SPs. I can say that the exam covered high yield topics and the most amazing part was both the in-person feedback from Dr. Vahid right after the test and the very personalized detailed written feedback I received after. I had the chance to watch my own performance as it was recorded.
I worked very hard on each and every advice that Dr. Vahid provided (even word choice and grammatical corrections along with the medical aspect). In short, it was an amazing experience and it helped me a lot during my real exam. I highly recommend Dr. Vahid’s mock test and if I knew about his course earlier, I would have signed up for it for sure.”
Dr. Justin (after receiving the results of the May 2022 NAC OSCE)

“I passed my NAC OSCE exam with the score of 1441. Dr Vahid’s NAC OSCE course was very comprehensive. I found the weekly interactive tutorials very useful. There were immediate feedbacks from Dr Vahid and other participants after each case. In particular, these helped me in refining my skills for the counselling station.

I had the mock exam three weeks before the NAC OSCE. It was a good simulation of the real exam and allowed me to gain an invaluable experience under time pressure. The feedback was also very thorough.

I would recommend both the NAC OSCE course and the mock exam.”
Dr. D.V. (after receiving the results of the May 2022 NAC OSCE)

“I did my NAC OSCE in May 2022 and I scored 1435. Our exam was supposed to be held in March and luckily or unluckily it got postponed. This was the time I got to know about Dr. Vahid and his courses. As I have already paid for another course with someone else, I was not able to afford Dr. Vahid’s course. Thank god, I did one to one session with him and he gave genuine feedback on my communication, as well as my grammatical errors and better wordings for each question. Basically, he prepared me to do well in the Canadian medical system rather than only focusing on NAC.

I was lucky to find one of my best partners through his study partners connections excel sheet. We did so many hours of preparation and I learned his style of communication from my study partner.

If I can give one piece of advice, please do his very organized mock which had 12 stations and covered almost every different scenario. Standard patients were native speakers and it helped me to overcome my fear as I have never had clinical experience with Canadians. Dr. Vahid gave us extensive verbal as well as written feedback. My study partner and I did the whole mock exam within ourselves and reviewed his standard marking sheet.

I got so worried and less confident before the exam because I felt I’m not prepared enough but he gave so much genuine support for my success in this NAC exam. It was a great journey along with his guidance. He is a great mentor.
Thank you so much for guiding IMGs to become successful in NAC.”
Motahareh real
Dr. Motahareh Vameghestahbanati (after receiving the results of the Oct. 2021 NAC OSCE)

“Hi future NAC OSCE candidates!
I passed my exam this October with the score of 1449 which is 3 Standard deviation above the pass score.
One day during my preparation period that I was not sure how to begin, I was very lucky to come across this website and get to know Dr. Vahid’s course. Dr. Vahid has a world-class teaching style, not only teaches you what matters in the exam, but most importantly he gifts you the right approach to any possible station! He provides very meticulous and detailed constructive feedback continuously to help you become a more competent version of yourself not only for this exam but for the day to day medical practice! I strongly recommend his course and Mock exam since this experience is very similar to exam day and will make you super confident and relaxed!
All the best everyone!!”
Mariam A
Dr. Mariam A. (after matching into UBC FM residency program in March 2022. She took the mock exam in Sep. 2021)

“Thank you Dr. Nilforushan for giving me valuable feedback after the MOCK exam which helped me immensely to prepare for NAC OSCE and further to match into my first choice at UBC. An excellent MOCK exam, very close to the real exam. Written feedback was very helpful as it gave a clear idea of the checklist for the real exam, no other company gives the written feedback.
I would definitely recommend Dr. Nilforushan to all IMGs who are preparing for the CARMS.”
Dr. Emalka Fernando (after receiving the results of the Oct. 2021 NAC OSCE)

“Dear Dr. Vahid,

I passed the NAC examination with an above 2SD score. Your NAC course helped me immensely to prepare and the weekly classes were so informative and helpful. Thank you for the guidance you gave me through my NAC preparation and if it wasn’t for your course, I would not have gotten this score.

Thank you so much once again.”
Dr. B.M. (after matching into UBC FM residency program in March 2022. She took the mock exam in Oct. 2021)

“I highly recommend the NAC OSCE workshops and Mock exam offered by Dr. Vahid. I took the Mock exam virtually and I was amazed how professionally it was conducted. Dr. Vahid had professional Canadian Standardized Patients for every station and most importantly he guided me towards the right approach for a wide range of stations. He provides detailed constructive feedback that helped me improve rapidly! Thank you for the guidance you gave me through my NAC preparation.”
Dr. Faiza Ahmed (after receiving the results of the Oct. 2021 NAC OSCE)

“One of my friends recommended Dr. Vahid’s mock to me and I took it 13 days before my exam. I took many mocks during my preparation and I can confidently say that among all the virtual mocks, his mock was the best. What usually people do while running mocks is that they become the examiner as well as the patient both by themselves, which is not the case with Dr. Vahid’s mock.
While having professional SPs, he is there observing you keenly. His detailed feedback on my every station helped me a lot and I passed with Superior performance.”
Dr R. Noel (after receiving the results of the Oct. 2021 NAC OSCE)

“I will never regret that I took Dr. Nilforushan’s mock exam. I believe that his feedback has helped me a lot in improving my performance and getting a good score in the NACOSCE. His attention to details made me aware of my weaknesses and helped me work on them. I totally recommend his course and his mock exam is a must!”
Dr. A.G. (after receiving the results of the NAC OSCE of Oct. 2021)

“An excellent teacher and course! Dr. Vahid puts so much attention and care into making sure all his students fully understand important concepts. The weekly classes give every student an opportunity to practice and to clear any doubts about the studied material. Dr. Vahid is very patient and thorough. His knowledge and love for medicine speaks volumes. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.”
Dr. Vignes
Dr. Vignes (after receiving the results of the Oct. 2021 NAC OSCE)

“I would highly recommend the Mock for NAC OSCE by Dr. Vahid. I took the mock a couple of weeks before the exam and it was an eye opener. Dr Vahid was extremely helpful with exam-like scenarios and he made apt comments as well as strong suggestions to improve. I am very grateful to Dr. Vahid for helping me out with my exam preparation.”
Dr. Anshu Jassal (after receiving the results of the NAC OSCE of Sep. 2020)

“I am so grateful that I got a chance to prepare for NAC with Dr. Vahid. The online mock exam was really simulating. This was the platform where I practiced with Canadian Standardized Patients. This really helped me to feel so confident about my preparation. Dr. Vahid’s extensive feedback helped me to work on my weak areas. I passed this exam with Superior Performance. I still feel I don’t have enough words to thank you. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you so much.”
Dr. Paola
Dr. P.M. (after receiving the results of the Oct. 2021 NAC OSCE)

“I am very satisfied with Dr Vahid’s course. The cases discussed in the weekly sessions were very similar to the ones seen in the NAC OSCE exam. Furthermore, his tips regarding time management were of great help. I definitely recommend his course for those who want to succeed in the NAC OSCE.”
Dr. Katherine
Dr. K.P. (after receiving the results of the Oct. 2021 NAC OSCE)

“The weekly interactive learning sessions were great to learn from one another in a group setting. Dr. Vahid created a welcoming environment for learning, and facilitated active discussion amongst the participants. He strived to provide us with the latest accurate information, and best practices in Canada. On top of being a patient and knowledgable instructor, he is also a champion for the IMGs population. I would highly recommend enrolling in his preparatory programs for NAC OSCE.”
Dr. Rabab E. (Nov. 2020)

“I can’t recommend this course enough. It’s very different from any other preparatory courses out there. It’s the only non materialistic course. Dr. Vahid provides up to date guidance based on Canadian references. The course content is very much related to the real exam. Many practicing doctors who are taking the course for MCCQE2 attend the free weekly sessions which really elevate the discussion caliber. It offers a great opportunity to those who are taking NAC OSCE to learn and interact with QE2 takers. The software of the course is very advanced, and the content is organized and very easy to remember. Interacting with a virtual patient is very unique in this course and gives a great chance to master your communication skills.”
Dr. Aeisha K
Dr. A.K. (after receiving the results of the Oct. 2021 NAC OSCE)

“A very comprehensive yet in depth course that would help you navigate not just through the exam but also in controlling nerves.”
Dr. W.D. (Nov. 2020)

“Dr. Vahid’s course is one of the best courses available to prepare for both NAC OSCE and MCCQE2. I tried two courses before this and they didn’t help as I felt that they were commercial courses aiming to collect money from candidates with no real value. This course is affordable, very helpful, very organized and convenient. I like the pre recorded lectures which I was able to refer to at any convenient time for me. The free weekly practice sessions was a good opportunity to review cases, discuss with colleagues and find study partners. Dr. Vahid was happy to help and to answer questions honestly and to the best of his knowledge. I learned many useful clinical techniques and skills which can be applied not only during exams but in real life practice. I strongly recommend this course for any IMG preparing for those exams”.
Dr. Rubeena Anjum (June 2021)

“I would like to take the pleasure of sharing my experience with Dr. Vahid. I have registered for the MCCQE2 exam. I have found Dr. Vahid course extremely helpful and useful. Dr. Vahid is highly knowledgeable, provides the highest level of medical information and clinical skills. The MCCQE2 course of Dr. Vahid definitely helps with the exam and also improved overall in our clinical practice. I am a Practicing American board certified physician, Hospitalist in the USA. After attending Dr. Vahid’s course , I have noted improvement in my communication skills and dealing with my patients. I am thankful to Dr. Vahid and strongly recommend all his courses.”
Hadi S
Dr. M.S. (after receiving the results of the NAC OSCE of Sep. 2020)

“Thank you Dr. Nilforushan! Your mock exam not only helped me build up my confidence, but also really helped me in terms of gaining experience in dealing with different cases. The thorough and detailed feedback I received also helped me polish my skills and I got a pass with superior performance! I will definitely recommend Dr. Nilforushan’s mock to whoever wants to prepare for NAC.”
“There are many strong points in your course including videos and documents. First of all, It is comprehensive. You can find every necessary point in that. Second it is not just memorization. You will be trained based on a format that you need not only for the exam but also for the future real world. I can say, I experienced the best history taking system ever I have seen in the last 3 years. A very comprehensive, still “to the point and knowledgeable system” that you can use it for every given case. That is not a generalization system like a couple of other systems. You can feel that you are confident (not confused) and the fluency of system is controlled by your medical knowledge. Another benefit of your system is in the counseling area. The third powerful area in your course was the workshop and the videos for physical examination. There was the best, unique opportunity for me to have a reliable source for this area of exam. The different videos specially neuro physical examination were fantastic.”
Dr. T.V. (after taking the NAC OSCE exam of Sep. 2020)

“Hi Dr. Vahid,
I wanted to thank you for the thorough and dedicated approach you used to create and run this course. The materials are comprehensive yet concise and weekly sessions give everyone a chance to practice as well as learn from peers. It was very helpful and enjoyable experience for me.”
Dr. K.H. (after taking the NAC OSCE exam of Sep. 2020)

“Dear Dr Nilforushan,
I would like to start off by saying thank you, and that my exam was a success.
The exam was quite a stressful ordeal, and I feel that your course was extremely helpful in preparing me for the process, as well as the content of it.
I am grateful you were kind enough to allow me to join the course for a temporary amount of time at the last minute, and I’m especially grateful about how useful the course itself and live classes were.”
Dr. C. J. (after taking the NAC OSCE of Sep. 2020)

“I finished the NAC today. Just want to thank you for your guidance through your course material and prompt responses to my questions. I believe it was very important for my preparation. I felt well prepared today throughout the exam and had no problems with the time.”
Amir F
Dr. Amir Farrokhi (after receiving the results of the Sep. 2020 NAC OSCE)

“When I decided to continue my path throughout MCC exams and was about to start preparing for NAC- OSCE , I was totally confused about how I could have found reliable and useful references. I’d heard about some classes and experienced one of them but honestly it hadn’t helped me to find the path.
Finally, I started Dr. Nilforushan’s course and it helped me to catch my ideal method to organize my approach to the whole exam. He had successfully passed all MCC and USMLE exams before and had a comprehensive knowledge about them so his guidance was really helpful.
Furthermore, his unique personality and attitude was the strongest point of the course as he helped me as a real friend without any hesitation.
I owe him forever for his genuine favors.”
Dr. Mustafa Mukeef (March 2018 and even before we added weekly live sessions and case videos to the course)

“While I have heard of/seen other good courses, what makes Dr. Vahid’s course above the rest, is that it prepares you how to think systematically and scientifically rather than spoon feeding common scenarios. It has guided me on the way how to approach, perceive, comprehend, and dissect a clinical scenario. It is an all-encompassing course, from how to prepare yourself mentally for the exam, until how to wrap up an encounter, and the beauty of it is that is not merely for the exam, it is a preparatory class for real-life clinical practice in Canada!
Of course Dr. Vahid will give you the plan, the method of thinking, the analysis tools, and how to shape your skills to use such tools, but the student has to immerse himself/herself in this course and tries to fully grasp the enriching materials in it, not an easy task, but when you can fully grasp the concept of how to go through the exam according to Dr. Vahid, your life will be easier!
I am writing this while I have just gone through the NAC OSCE exam, and while I do not know my result until the date of this writing, results don’t matter, whatever happens, is an individual factor, but what I know is, this course helped me to go through the exam with a piece of mind and heart of steel!”
Dr. D.K.
Dr. D.K. (after receiving the results of the MCCQE2 of fall 2019)

“I wanted to share with you the joy of the pass result in my MCCQE2 exam. I just recited the message from MCC who confirms that. Thank you very much for the very useful and efficacious review course you have created.”
Dr. Amin Mohandessan

“This course is helping me a lot . It covers the main points for OSCE exam . The videos are very helpful . Dr Nilforushan is very supportive and always responds to my questions quickly. I definitely recommend this course to people who are going to take OSCE exam.”
Dr. J.L. (after receiving her results of the Sep. 2019 NAC OSCE)

“I found out yesterday that I passed the NAC, thank you so much for your help with preparing, it made a huge difference!”
Well thought
“Very well thought out and in-depth prep course. I would recommend this to anyone taking the NAC who, like many, is struggling to find material on what the exam is even like, plus how to prepare for it. Very glad I found this course when I did.”
“Videos were really well done and it’s also very useful to have PowerPoint versions as well as slideshows. Very useful acronyms and approach to various aspects of the exam. Highly recommend the course.”
“I received my NAC results today at 84. Just thought you may have been curious. Thanks for your help! Your course provided me with a very good structure and orderly way of conduction my patient interview and this was a point I was very weak on prior to the course.”
“I got the NAC OSCE result today. I scored 82. I hope that this is a good score… Thank you for all, Keep in touch God bless you.”
“I have started the course and am finding it extremely helpful. I will be sure to refer my friends to you as well.”
Hong K
“Your course was very helpful and helped me achieve a much higher score than my previous attempt. Thank you very much for all your kindness and generosity throughout the exams.”
ahmad ib
“Your course was very helpful to me in both NAC and Q2 study. I have tried multiple live and online courses in the past years and I can confidently say that your course is one of the best courses. Thanks again”
“Prior to the course, my SP said I was quite nervous, panicky, and I didn’t know what to do. Yesterday, he said my interaction with him was natural, empathetic, and not rushed. He felt he was really on the other side as a patient. He couldn’t even tell me which areas of my communication skills to improve. So that’s a wonderful sign! Thank you!”
CS girl musl
“I found this course extremely helpful. It helped me to ask focus history, perform focus PE, answer management questions and response to the patient concerns. I took my step 2 cs exam but Nac OSCE exam is very different in term of timing, management questions, counselling and present of the examiner in the room. All of the above factors make it way harder than the step 2 cs. When preparing for NAC OSCE, I was facing many challenges but this course has removed those hurdles. Thank you Dr. Vahid for preparing such an amazing course.”
“Your course definitely prepared me in several ways: 1. I learnt a better and more organized manner to approach the encounters. 2. The clinical examination videos were very helpful. Your videos on the joint exams were complete, unlike several other videos on YouTube. A huge thanks to you and your patient. 3. As I had learnt in your course, I wrote down 3 to 5 differentials after reading the questions at each station. This was really helpful for the post-encounter questions. 4. The ROS lessons were very helpful. I took notes from your lessons and wrote down all the ROS questions for each system (incl. ped, OBG, psych). I was able to recollect well and ask these relevant questions at each station. 5. The differential diagnoses list was very helpful. I created index cards from your list and revised them regularly. I also added more conditions to my list towards the end.”
Infect fb
“Dr. Nilforushan’s online course was really useful and professional, physical examination section was unique, Hx taking part was also very complete and in detail.”
“I am very thankful that I registered in your course because you are making my study much easier and more focused. I really wish that I knew about your course before. I am recommending your course to all doctors that I meet and to my friends. You are such a very helpful person. I wish you all success in your life.”
Asian second
“I do feel my timing has gotten better by using this interaction with the virtual SP guide in the course. It was a nice way of actually being able to practice saying it many times and interactively, as you say.”
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If you find getting a high score in the NAC OSCE or passing the MCCQE2 challenging, you are at the right place as we provide all you need to achieve your goal.

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We know how important, yet challenging, it is to get a high score in the NAC OSCE or pass the MCCQE2. That is why we have specialized in clinical skills exams preparation. Unlike most other preparation courses, we neither offer other services nor courses for theoretical exams. Being focused on clinical skills exams has given us an edge in realizing the details, strategies and little tips and tricks that are hardly available and are important for getting satisfactory results in the NAC OSCE or MCCQE2. Also, years of clinical experience and academic teaching at a high level in Canada and elsewhere, and the experience of passing all the MCC and USMLE exams with high performance have been used in the creation of our courses and services.

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A variety of technologies and innovative approaches and strategies have been used in the creation of our courses and services to facilitate and speed up your preparation. They prevent information overwhelm, greatly simplify your preparation and make a big difference in your results. Our exceptional approach has been one of the main reasons for the effectiveness of our course (which is in English language) even for those who took the NAC OSCE or MCCQE2 in French.

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You can easily access our instructor before, during and after the course and seek his advice. To learn more about him, click on About at the top of the page.

A variety of live interactive options

We provide online live 1-on-1 or small group interactive sessions as well as private onsite interactive workshops. Our 1-on-1 sessions are result oriented where you pay only if you progress. We have also created an innovative and unique system where you can easily find and practice with online study partners or Standardized Patients under our supervision free of charge or with low cost.

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The most informative and comprehensive preparatory course you could get!

Mustafa Mukeef

While I have heard of/seen other good courses, what makes Dr. Vahid's course above the rest, is that it prepares you how to think systematically and scientifically rather than spoon feeding common scenarios. It has guided me on the way how to approach, perceive, comprehend, and dissect a clinical scenario. It is an all-encompassing course, from how to prepare yourself mentally for the exam, until how to wrap up an encounter, and the beauty of it is that is not merely for the exam, it is a preparatory class for real-life clinical practice in Canada!

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Perfect OSCE course

Amin Mohandesan

This course is helping me a lot . It covers the main points for OSCE exam . The videos are very helpful . Dr Nilforushan is very supportive and always responds to my questions quickly. I definitely recommend this course to people who are going to take OSCE exam .

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