“If you do ENOUGH small things RIGHT, big things can happen.”

John Wooden

We are passionate and excited about serving and supporting IMGs and physicians with their clinical skills, so we provide a variety of free preparation programs to help them perform better in their NAC OSCE exams and become more confident and skillful in real clinical encounters throughout their career. 

Currently, you can try our invaluable NAC OSCE course for free and see why those who used our courses and services were able to score 1458, 1457, 1456 and 1453 (top 1-1.7%) in the NAC OSCE exam and why leaving us behind can be detrimental to your score and future. If you are interested in the free trial, please click here

We also run free live online practice/support sessions for NAC OSCE candidates once every two months and you are welcome to join these sessions as long as you want. In these sessions, you can practice with a Standardized Patient (SP) under our supervision and receive oral and written feedback instantly. In these sessions, we run random draws where you can win our advanced NAC OSCE course (our popular Semi-interactive NAC OSCE course) for FREE* or financial assistance with the payment as well. You can also ask your questions, connect with others and observe/listen and contribute to these sessions as much as our time allows (45-60 minutes). Turning the videos on in theses sessions is optional and you can rename yourself after joining these sessions. 

Our last free live session was held on Thursday, May 18, 2023 at 5:30 PM Pacific/8:30 PM Eastern time. 

The information for joining our free live online sessions is also posted in our invaluable Essential Online NAC OSCE course (lesson 4-2) which is offered free of charge. This course is a must for anyone who wants to register for the NAC OSCE and prepare for the exam. It includes invaluable video trainings and guides that are necessary for your success and avoiding major mistakes in your NAC OSCE journey.  

In addition to the Zoom links to our free monthly practice/support sessions, this course provides you with the key points/summary of each live session. Once you enroll in the course, we will assist you with finding study partners in 4 different ways as well. 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by making use of our free preparation programs and resources. We hate spamming as much as you do and will not spam you. Our free programs can help you avoid learning some important lessons the hard way.

You will certainly get a great return on your investment by investing in yourself and taking the time to make use of our free programs. You don’t want to miss them. 

We make announcements about our live monthly sessions in our Telegram Channel and our free Facebook NAC OSCE Network group  as well (you can access the relevant information and Zoom links in the event section of the group)

* The winners of the draws will benefit from our recorded materials and notes and can attend the live sessions of our NAC OSCE course. However, unlike those who have purchased our course, they will not be able to role-play in our live sessions, and cannot benefit from a discount on our online mock exams or a chance to join us again if they do not ace the exam.