For the first time in Canada! Virtual SP: A revolution in NAC OSCE preparation!

In our pursuit of excellence in NAC OSCE preparation, we are pleased to inform you that we will be adding practice sessions with Virtual SPs along with instant high quality feedback to our services soon.

One of the key steps for acing the NAC OSCE exam is practicing a variety of scenarios in the right way and receiving reliable feedback. Otherwise, you will just repeat your mistakes and make bad habits that will be very difficult to change later. These avoidable mistakes can seriously impact your results. Also, many IMGs have difficulty finding serious or knowledgeable/skillful study partners, face issues in making arrangements with their study partners or have objections about practicing with others.

The introduction of this exceptional service will resolve all these issues and will increase your chances of acing the exam significantly because it will enable you to interact with Virtual SPs in different scenarios at your convenience, answer post-encounter questions and receive valuable feedback instantly. This service will empower you to master your clinical skills quickly and get fully prepared for the exam. Depending on your proficiency and time management, you will be able to interact with Virtual SPs in 2-4 scenarios per hour

Making this sophisticated technology available and effective is very costly. However, if there is enough interest in this service, we will be able to offer it for less than $20/hour. If not, we will need to offer it at a higher price or to our subscribers only. Therefore, if you are interested in this service and are going to take the NAC OSCE exam in Sep. 2022, please enter your information in the form below and share this information with your colleagues/friends by using the share buttons on this page. This will help us make this service affordable and available soon.