Private One-day Interactive NAC OSCE Workshops in Vancouver


Unfortunately, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have currently suspended our live interactive workshops. However, we replaced them with highly effective online mock exams in Aug. 2020. For more information about our online mock exams, please click here.

Here is the description of our previous workshops:

Our workshops are fully interactive with the presence of native English-speaking SPs. You will receive live and recorded feedback. We offer 1 day of history taking only workshop, 1 day of history taking/counselling and 1 day of physical exam (mainly) workshop. There is usually a gap between our workshops in Vancouver. Our history taking and history taking/counselling workshops are offered to 4 students and our physical exam (mainly) workshops are offered to 5 students.

Currently, each day of our history taking and history taking/counselling workshops in Vancouver includes 12 different history taking scenarios (total of 24 scenarios on both days). The history taking scenarios may include addressing concerns as well. Our one-day physical exam (mainly) workshop includes 15 different physical exam scenarios and 2 history taking plus physical exam scenarios.

You will interact in 3 different scenarios and observe 9 other scenarios in each history taking workshop.

You will interact in 2 history taking and 1 counselling scenario and observe 9 other scenarios (6 more history taking and 3 more counselling) in our history taking/counselling workshops.

You will  also interact in 4 different scenarios (3 physical exam and 1 history plus physical exam scenarios) and observe 13 other scenarios  in our PE (mainly) workshop.

In total, there are 41 different fully interactive clinical scenarios with SPs in 3 days. If you attend all 3 days of workshops, you will interact in 10 different clinical scenarios and observe 31 other scenarios.

To discuss management and therapeutic plans more, we have recently increased the duration of our workshops from 7 to 8 hours.

To make our workshops as useful as possible to our attendees, our workshops are offered to a very limited number of students and on first come first served basis. We only run a few workshops before each exam and they fill up very fast. If you do not want to miss our next workshops, please

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