3 days of Private Interactive Preparation Workshops in Canadian cities other than Vancouver (for 5 students-with the presence of native English-speaking SPs) + our Pre-recorded NAC OSCE/MCCQE2 course + weekly conference calls/online sessions


Please Click Here to see our form and include your information in the list of candidates who are interested in attending our workshops in your city and this package.

This package includes:

  1. Three days of our interactive workshops (2 days of history taking, 1 day of physical exam). Its value is: $235 x 3 = $705
  2. Subscription to our pre-recorded NAC OSCE/MCCQE2 course for 3 months; It value is $395.
  3. Our weekly conference calls/online sessions until your exam. This service is of high value, but is offered free of charge to the subscribers to our pre-recorded course.

This package is of $705 + $395 = $1100 value (not taking into account the value of our weekly online sessions), but is offered at a discounted price of $845. There might be an option for payment plan (3 installments with no interest) as well.

Our workshops are fully interactive with the presence of native English-speaking SPs. You will receive live and recorded feedback in our workshops.

We offer 2 days of history taking workshops and one day of physical exam (mainly) workshop to 5 students only.

Each day of our history taking workshop includes 15 different history taking scenarios (total of 30 scenarios on both days). Our one-day physical exam (mainly) workshop includes 15 different physical exam scenarios and 2 history taking plus physical exam scenarios.

You will interact in 3 scenarios in each history taking workshop. You will also interact in 4 scenarios in our PE (mainly) workshop. There are 47 different fully interactive clinical scenarios with SPs on all 3 days. If you attend all 3 days of workshops, you will interact in 10 different clinical scenarios and observe 37 other scenarios.

These workshops were previously held in Vancouver only. Since we have been receiving requests from candidates in other cities, we are considering running our workshops in other cities in Canada in February and March 2020 as well.

Currently, we are collecting the information of interested candidates in different cities in Canada. If there is enough interest in a city, we will notify those who are on our list for that city and nearby cities before opening the registration.

Since the spots are limited, we will notify the candidates on our list in the order that we receive their information. If you do not want to miss our workshops in your city, please

Click Here or scroll down to fill out our form and include your information in the list of candidates who are interested in our workshops in your city.

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If you only want to attend 1-3 days of our workshops without subscribing to our pre-recorded course and weekly online sessions, please visit here and include your information in the list of candidates with similar preference.

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