Free Online Beginner’s course for NAC OSCE (not just for beginners!)


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In this online beginner’s course, you will learn a lot of practical points that can guide you with starting and organizing your studies and practices for NAC OSCE exam preparation. This course will also help you avoid some major, costly and irreversible mistakes in your journey.

The course consists of online videos, a downloadable guide, a checklist and a survey.

Although the name of the course may imply that the course is only useful for those who are starting preparation for the NAC OSCE exam, the course is beneficial for even those who have already taken comprehensive NAC OSCE or MCCQE2 courses. If you need to take any of these exams again, we encourage you to review our beginner’s course as it may help you make a stronger foundation for your clinical skills and realize any probable areas of improvement.

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