You can use the physical exam videos on one computer and one mobile device (smartphone or iPad/tablet).

To use the PE videos on your computer (download the material and use with special software as explained below):

Please login to your Gmail account and follow all the following steps:

  1. Download the compressed (zip) file containing the PE videos of the course here (if you haven’t already provided us with a Gmail account, please request access after clicking on the link and we will give you access for downloading shortly). You need at least 3.5 GB of storage on your computer for downloading the course videos. If you are short of storage, you may consider freeing up some space on your computer by uploading your content to Google drive as it provides 15 GB of storage free of charge. Connecting your computer to your router with an ethernet cable will speed up the process of downloading the videos (not essential though). After downloading the file to your computer, open (unzip) it and click on extract all (or extract to) to extract the files to a folder on your computer.

Those who use Mac computers may need additional software to open (unzip) the zip file of the videos and documents after downloading them to their computers. If you use a Mac computer and face an issue with unzipping the files, you may download and use a powerful software called “Decompressor” from the Mac App Store at 

2. Please also install one of the special video players based on your device from one of the links below as it is needed for using the videos of the course. The video player (special software) is called SafeDRM (or SafeDRM Player or SafePlayer.

Video player for Windows computers


Video player for Mac computers  (If you use a Mac computer with an OS before Mojave, you may face issues in installing/opening the video player.)

After downloading the relevant video player, please install it on your computer. You may get a warning message that the video player might be suspicious. Please disregard this message as this software has been safe in our tests and our students have been using this software with no issues. If the message is from Windows Defender, click on more info or learn more followed by run anyways. If you use Microsoft edge and downloading this software remains incomplete because of the warning message, please click on the 3 dots on the top right and then click on Keep.

3. Once the SafePlayer is installed, open it (you may see a shortcut on your desktop) and enter the login information that we have emailed you in the SafePlayer (also called RisePrecision Player) while connected to the internet.

This will open the software where you will see ”Course documents B” on the right side. Do a right-click on that and click on “Add Folder” (in Windows, or something similar or Add File in Mac) and choose the folder where you have extracted the videos of the course. This will add all the PE videos of the course to the Player.

Now, you can disconnect from the internet and use the videos offline. If you want to log out of the SafePlayer, click on the icon on the top right next to the Activation Code and click on log out. In that case, you will need to log in to the SafePlayer while connected to the internet to use the course again later.

If you face any issues in extracting the zip files or opening the files by the SafePlayer, please restart your computer 1-2 times before seeking our help as this may resolve your issue. Please note that if any software with the ability to take a screenshot or recording screen or any used for online meetings (Zoom, etc) is running in the background of your computer (e.g. snipping tool, One Note, etc.), the Player will not work.

To use the physical exam videos on your mobile device:

  1. Please install the SafeDRM App from the relevant store:

App for Android


App for Apple

  1. After installing the SafeDRM on your mobile device, click on it and enter your username, password and vendor ID while connected to the internet. This will open the App where no file is under the File List. Next, click on the blue download icon in the lower right of your screen and click on “Import files via WiFi”. Then you will be given a web address which typically ends in :8080
  2. Now, you need to go back to the computer that you have downloaded the videos and documents of the course to. On your computer, type the exact web address that is shown on your mobile device. Your computer and mobile device need to use the same internet service during this process. After going to that web address, select the videos of the course from your computer. This will upload the videos of the course to your mobile device. You may upload all the physical exam videos the course to that web address (your mobile device) at once if you have at least 3.5 GB of storage on your mobile device. If not, you may only upload the files that you want to use on your mobile device in the near future. Later on, you can delete those files on your mobile device to free up space and add new videos or documents to your mobile device by visiting the same web address. To delete the files from your mobile device, go to your mobile device, click on “Edit” next to the “File List”, select the relevant files and click on Delete. If it does not work, please go to the same web address on your computer and delete the files from that web address.
  3. Next, go back to your mobile device and open the SafeDRM. Now, you will see the uploaded files under the File List and can use them on your mobile device offline. If you don’t, click on the blue icon in the lower right of your screen (under the File List) and then click on “search the whole drive”. Now, you should be able to see the files.    

Please note that for using the videos, only one device can be logged on at a time.

If there are any issues in this process or you have any questions, please let us know at