Welcome to our Physical Exam (mainly) workshop in Vancouver!

Thanks again for your interest in our physical exam (mainly) workshop.

If you have not already reviewed the details about our workshop when you registered, please review them here first. Then revisit this page and continue reviewing the following instructions.

To portray the real exam better, we suggest that you bring a white coat and a stethoscope to the workshop. If you have a reflex hammer, we suggest that you bring it with you as well. You may also consider wearing a mask during the workshop.

The workshop(s) will be held in the meeting room of a building located at 833 Homer St., Vancouver, V6B 0H4.

We will start the first case at 9:55 AM on Sat. July 29, so to make sure you will not miss anything (especially your chance to interact with the SP), please arrive between 9:40-9:45 AM. When you arrive, please call 778-323-6923 and we will pick you and take you to the 7th floor where the meeting room is located.

Paid parking is available on the streets around the area. However, you may consider using public transportation for attending the workshop.

The plan is to do around three cases each hour (except during breaks) and finish the last case by 18:03 PDT, and answer any remaining questions or discuss any remaining points at the end. If everything goes according to the plan, we will have three breaks during the workshop (12:07-12:15, 13:21-13:46 as lunch break, 15:58-16:13).

Light refreshments will be provided in the workshop. If you would like to take refreshments, please do so when there is no interaction and little or no feedback, so others will not get distracted.

Please contact us at info@nacoscecourse.com if you would like to know your clinical scenarios (doorway instructions only) before the workshop. Since you will need to examine the SP in different scenarios, we strongly suggest that you review the physical exam videos of our course before attending the workshop to make maximum use of the workshop. If you have just joined us, but haven’t started using the videos yet, make sure to use them now. It may take about 30 minutes to download and install the software for using the videos, but as you will see the videos are definitely worth this time as they can definitely improve your physical exam skills and NAC OSCE score significantly.

In physical exam workshops, your interactions can be audio recorded if you want, but the audio recording will be provided to you with an additional charge of $50. If you are interested, please make arrangements in advance. Please note that it may take around one week before we can provide you with your audio recording.

Please turn off your cell phones during the workshops and use them only during the breaks. Also, please note that video or audio recording by attendees is prohibited during the workshops.

You will be informed of the time of your interactions at the beginning of the workshop. When it is your turn to interact, you will be placed outside the room to read the doorway instructions and organize your notes in 2 minutes. You can use our clipboard or your own notebook for this purpose. At the same time, those inside the room will be given the same doorway instructions, so they will have an opportunity to organize their notes for all doorway instructions (recommended). You may take a picture of the doorway instructions, but please don’t share them with anyone and do not write down on the doorway instructions.

When interacting with SPs, try to do your job in history taking or physical exam (depending on the scenario), which is finding the SP’s problem (s) and their probable causes while making a good relationship with them. As you may have realized, each candidate will interact in 3 physical exam only and 1 physical exam plus history taking scenario.

Clear your mind, relax, focus on the moments and be active during the workshop. Take notes while watching the interactions and feedback. Provide constructive feedback and suggestions, and ask your questions just before the next scenario and at the end of the workshop, support and encourage your colleagues and SPs and have fun! 🙂

Your voice can be recorded if you provide feedback or ask questions at the end of scenarios. However, the recordings of your voice will not be posted publicly and will be only available to the person interacting if s/he has requested a audio recording of her/his performance. If you do not want your voice to be recorded or be available to the person interacting, please let us know in advance to see if we can make it happen.

After the workshop, remember to practice your scenarios as soon as possible (preferably the same day) and make any required modifications in your approach until you master them. Otherwise, you may easily forget the modifications that you may require to make in your approach. You can also make arrangements with those who have attended the workshop(s) to practice all the scenarios with them after the workshop(s). The audio recording of your interactions can help with making modifications in your practices as well.

See you soon!

Nil Academia Team