Online NAC OSCE Mock Exam for the May 2024 exam (one student at a time)

To book your appointment, please scroll down and use the booking system below. For details about our mock exam and/or booking, please keep reading.

  • 12 Simulated online NAC Exam Stations with two short breaks (Almost all other preparation programs offer less than 12 simulated stations).
  • One student at a time to provide a high-quality and organized mock exam along with invaluable feedback (not available in most other preparation programs)
  • Live assessment of your performance and oral feedback in all stations as well the review of all your recordings personally done by Dr. Vahid Nilforushan, our well-known instructor and the creator of our courses. The lead instructors of other programs either don’t assess candidates in mock exams or assess them in one station only. The oral feedback you will receive during the mock (at the end of each station and/or during the breaks) will help you improve your performance as you proceed in the mock exam (to the best of our knowledge, not provided by other programs yet). You will receive oral feedback at the end of the mock exam as well.
  • Trained native English speaker SPs (to the best of our knowledge, not available in most other online mock exams yet)
  • Detailed extensive written feedback provided by Dr. Vahid Nilforushan after the online mock exam (to the best of our knowledge, the feedback provided by other programs is not as detailed as ours yet).
  • The video recording of your exam available to you shortly after the exam (to the best of our knowledge, not provided by other programs yet)
  • Flexible dates/times for our students and those registering early (to the best of our knowledge, not provided by other programs yet).
  • Bonus (applicable to new students): Since the physical exam in the upcoming NAC OSCE exam will be hands-on, you will also receive the exceptional physical exam videos of our NAC OSCE course that have been specifically created for the hands-on physical exam in the NAC OSCE. That will help you fully prepare for the physical exam component of the real exam and to verbalize the physical exam in the same way in the online mock.
  • Maximum of 7 spots available (1 or 2 spot available per day)
  • Approximately 3 hours in length

Although you will be able to take the online mock exam by using a regular phone, to have the best experience as well as access to the video recording of your exam, we strongly encourage you to use a computer with a good internet connection for your mock exam.

Here is the schedule of our online mock exam. Only one spot is available for each time slot to provide you with special attention and assessment by our instructor. Please pay attention to the time zones indicated in the schedule (PST for those in BC and EST for those in Ontario).

You may book your online NAC OSCE mock exam session by using the booking system below. After making an appointment, please click on “Continue when it asks you “Please tell us how would you like to pay” (there is no need to click on Add to cart), and proceed to checkout to make the payment (after clicking on continue, you will have an option to enter a coupon code if you have one). Otherwise, your appointment will be canceled. The mock exam takes about 3 hours and costs $625 for those who have not subscribed to our NAC OSCE course.  

Please note that in the booking system below the time slots are shown in PST, but you can click on “Your local time” to convert it to your time zone. After booking your appointment, please look out for our emails in your inbox or spam folder. You may be able to cancel, change your appointment, or request a refund within one hour after making your appointment. Afterward, no refunds will be provided. 

If all spots are filled up or the available dates/times are not suitable for you, you may Click Here and enter your information and preference in our form to get notified in case we can add other dates/times to our mock exam.