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To use the recordings of live sessions:

Please log in to your Gmail account and:

  1. Open the folder containing the recordings of the live sessions here and click on each file to download it separately each week. Alternatively, you can download multiple files every few weeks by selecting one file, clicking on the Ctrl key on your keyboard and then selecting other files. Next, you will need to do a right click to download a few recordings at once in a Zip file which will be created automatically. If you want to download all the files in this folder at once, you can click on “Live recordings Sep. 23” at the top and then click on download. This will create a Zip file that will be downloaded to your computer. If you download multiple recordings as Zip files, you will need to extract them to a folder on your computer. In any case, save all recordings of the live sessions in one folder (which may be named Live Recordings Sep 23) to make them organized and easy to use.
  2. Now, do a right click on “Live recordings May 2024” on SafeDRM Player and click on “Add Files” if you want to add the recording of each week one by one. If you want to add the recordings of a few weeks at once, do a right click on “Add Folder”. In any case, you will need to choose the file/folder that you have saved or extracted the recordings of live sessions to. This will add the recordings to the Player.

To use the latest version of “Investigations & managements”

Download the latest version of lesson 28-1 investigations & managements here and add it to the folder “Course documents” in SafePlayer. We will be adding more information to this document and will share it with you then. You will need to Zoom in to around 800% for reading it.

Now, you can disconnect from the internet and use the course videos and documents. If you want to log out of the SafePlayer, click on the icon on the top right next to the Activation Code and click on log out. In that case, you will need to log in to the SafePlayer while connected to the internet to use the course again later.

You may start the course by reviewing lesson 1-3 (a document) which is a diagram that serves as a guide/roadmap for using the course. It is included in the documents of the course and you will need to use it throughout the course. Reviewing lesson 1-1 (course curriculum) is also helpful at the beginning.

To use the course content on your mobile device:

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App for Android If this link does not work on your Android device, please use this link instead, especially if you have one of the latest versions of Android.


App for Apple

  1. After installing the SafeDRM on your mobile device, click on it and enter your username, password and vendor ID while connected to the internet. This will open the App where no file is under the File List. Next, click on the blue download icon in the lower right of your screen and click on “Import files via WiFi”. Then you will be given a web address which typically ends in :8080
  1. Now, you need to go back to the computer that you have downloaded the videos and documents of the course to. On your computer, type the exact web address that is shown on your mobile device. Your computer and mobile device need to use the same internet service during this process. After going to that web address, select the videos and/or documents of the course from your computer . If you have difficulty selecting them, use the drag and drop option (you can place two small windows side by side and just drag and drop the files from the videos or documents folder to that web address. For documents, this might be the only option). This will upload the videos and/or documents of the course to your mobile device. You may upload all the videos and documents of the course to that web address (your mobile device) at once if you have at least 6 GB of storage on your mobile device. If not, you may only upload the files that you want to use on your mobile device in the near future. Later on, you can delete those files on your mobile device to free up space and add new videos or documents to your mobile device by visiting the same web address. To delete the files from your mobile device, go to your mobile device, click on “Edit” next to the “File List”, select the relevant files and click on Delete. You might be able to delete the files from that web address on your computer too.
  1. Next, go back to your mobile device and open the SafeDRM. Now, you will see the uploaded files under the File List and can use them on your mobile device offline. If you don’t, click on the blue icon in the lower right of your screen (under the File List) and then click on “search the whole drive”. Now, you should be able to see the files.

During your active subscription, once a new lesson/update is created, it will be shared with you.

Please note that for using the course, only one device can be logged on at a time. Also, if any software with the ability of taking a screenshot or recording screen is running on the background of your computer (e.g. snipping tool, One Note, etc.), the Player will not work. If Zoom or another online meeting software/app is running on the background of your computer, you will need to close it before using the course as well because they have a conflict with the SafeDRM too.

If you face any issues in extracting the zip files or opening the files by the SafePlayer, please restart your computer 1-2 times before seeking our help as this may resolve your issue.

Access the notes of weekly sessions, links for joining and volunteering in weekly sessions and a few other points about our live weekly practice sessions

To access an important folder that includes everything related to our weekly sessions, please click here . You may consider bookmarking this master link for ease of access in the future. One of the documents that you will see there is named “Links for joining and volunteering on Friday/Sunday sessions” and should be used for joining and volunteering in our live sessions. If you would like to volunteer to play the role of physician (on Fridays and Sundays) or patient (on Sundays), make sure to use the relevant links in that document to express your interest in advance of each session as it will help us be more efficient in our practice sessions. The other documents in that folder include notes of our Friday and Sunday sessions, the links for joining our Telegram group for our students and daily Zoom sessions to practice with them, and an important reminder about our sessions.

Our weekly sessions are currently held on Fridays and Sundays at 6 PM Pacific (Vancouver)/9 PM Eastern (Toronto) time.

The Friday sessions (1.5-2 hours) mostly consist of interaction in at least one scenario (one of the attendees plays the role of physician and Dr. Vahid plays the role of patient and others observe/listen). It is followed by feedback, questions/answers and contributions. The previous sessions are reviewed at the beginning of each session as well (presenting patients/findings and discussing the key points).

The Sunday sessions (1-1.5 hours) consist of interaction in one new scenario and redoing one of the cases of prior Friday session. Redoing the cases of Fridays helps our students integrate everything they have learned in practice and in a more organized way until they master their clinical skills and time management.

You may introduce yourself (name/nickname, city and if looking for a study partner) at the beginning or at the end of each online session if you want.

For asking questions, you may raise your hand, type in the chat or just speak if it’s an appropriate time. To improve the sound quality, everyone is muted. You will be able to unmute yourself if you want to speak. You may rename yourself by using your first name or nickname before or after joining as well. The videos are usually turned off, but can be turned on if required.

For accessing the notes of our Friday and Sunday sessions, please click here.

We also run a 45-60 minute free practice/support session for the public from time to time and you are welcome to join these sessions and roleplay as well. In these sessions, usually SPs play the role of patient and IMGs play the role of physician under the supervision of Dr. Vahid and receive feedback. The summary of each session is added to lesson 4-3 of our Essential Online NAC OSCE course (updated version of our Beginner’s course). If you haven’t already subscribed to that course, please subscribe to that course for free as it is required early in your preparation as well.

Dr. Vahid will send you the topic and link for each Friday weekly session by Thursday each week.

Our online mock exam

If you want to get notified once we open the registration for our online mock exam, please visit the mock exam page and fill out the form there.

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