To use the course content on your computer (Windows preferred over Mac for trial because of simplicity):

Please login to your Gmail account and:

  1. Download the compressed (zip) file containing the videos of the course here. You need at least 6 GB of storage on your computer for downloading the course videos. Connecting your computer to your router with an ethernet cable will speed up the process of downloading the videos (not essential though). After downloading the file, open (unzip) it and click on extract all (or extract to) to extract the files to a folder on your computer.

Those who use Mac computers may need additional software to open (unzip) the zip file of the videos and documents after downloading them to their computers. If you use a Mac computer and face an issue with unzipping the files, you may download and use a powerful software called “Decompressor” from the Mac App Store at 

  1. Download the compressed (zip) file containing the documents of the course here. After downloading the file, open (unzip) it and click on extract all (or extract to) to extract the files to a folder on your computer.
  2. Please also install one of the special video players based on your device from one of the links below. As mentioned on the website, you will need them for using the videos and documents of the course.

Video player for Windows computers


Video player for Mac computers  (If you use a Mac computer with an OS before Mojave, you may face issues in installing/opening the video player.)

After downloading the relevant video player, please install it on your computer. You may get a warning message that the video player might be suspicious. Please disregard this message as we have checked and used the software and haven’t had issues. If the message is from Windows Defender, click on learn more followed by run anyways.

  1. Once the SafePlayer is installed, open it (you may see a shortcut on your desktop) and put the following login information into the software while connected to the internet. We will email your Username and Password to you shortly.  a. Username:            b. Password:                            c. Vendor ID: 53

This will open the SafePlayer (also called RisePrecision Player) where you will see two items on the right side: “Course videos” and “Course documents”.

5. Next, do a right click on “Course videos”, then click on “Add Folder” and choose the folder where you have extracted the videos of the course. This will add all videos of the course to the Player.

6. Then, do a right click on “Course documents”, and click on “Add Folder” and choose the folder where you have extracted the documents of the course. This will add all documents of the course to the Player.

Now, you can disconnect from the internet and use the course videos and documents. If you want to log out of the SafePlayer, click on the icon on the top right next to the Activation Code and click on log out. In that case, you will need to log in to the SafePlayer while connected to the internet to use the course again later.

You may start the course by reviewing lesson 1-3 (a document) which is a diagram that serves as a guide for using the course. It is included in the documents of the course and you will need to use it throughout the course. Reviewing lesson 1-1 (course curriculum) is also helpful at the beginning.

During your active subscription, once a new lesson/update is created, it will be shared with you at no additional charge.

Please note that if any software with the ability of taking a screenshot or recording screen is running on the background of your computer (e.g. snipping tool, One Note, etc.), the Player will not work.

If there are any issues in this process or you have any questions, please let us know at If you decide not to join us after the trial, you may delete the course content and uninstall the software from your device. In that case, we welcome any feedback that you may have for us as well.

A few points about our live weekly practice sessions:  

Our live weekly practice sessions are currently held on Fridays and Sundays at 6 PM Pacific (Vancouver)/9 PM Eastern (Toronto) time. The recordings and notes of Friday sessions are shared with the current group of students (to respect the privacy of our students, the recordings are not included in the free trial, but you will be given access if you decide to join us).

The Friday sessions (1.5 hour) usually consist of interaction in two scenarios (one of the attendees plays the role of physician and Dr. Vahid or an SP plays the role of patient and others observe/listen). It is followed by feedback, questions/answers and contributions. The previous sessions are reviewed at the beginning of each session as well (presenting patients/findings and discussing the key points).

On Sundays (1 hour), the students get a chance to redo the cases of Friday by playing both the role of patient (with minor modifications if they want) and physician and integrating everything they have learned in practice and in a more organized way until they master their skills and time management.

We may add another live weekly practice session to our program soon with no additional charge to our current students as well.