Fully interactive private (5 students) online NAC OSCE course (1 year subscription)


Because of the limited time of our instructor, this private course has limited availability and is offered periodically and on a first- come, first-served basis.

This course is mainly useful for those who have a good command of English as it is fully interactive. It consists of:

  1. Thirty hour fully interactive practice sessions with our well-known instructor, Dr. Vahid Nilforushan. Unlike other courses where the classes are crowded and the students mainly listen to the lectures and have no to minimal chance for practice, this private course runs for 5 students only and  provides you with lots of opportunities for practicing and receiving feedback. Therefore, based on Edgar Dale’s Cone of Experience, this will lead to the best outcome in learning, remembering, and mastering your clinical skills. The sessions include practicing different clinical scenarios in a fully interactive format followed by feedback and guidance. You will have some time between the sessions to practice and master what you have learned in each session. Since lecturing, step-by-step guidance, and some demonstrations are included in our pre-recorded course (which is a part of this course and you will have access to), no time will be wasted for lecturing during the sessions. You will have an option to choose video chat or audio chat for your interactions. The sessions will be recorded and you will have access to them while you have an active subscription (at least 12 months). To respect your privacy, your recordings will not be available to anyone else.
  2. Our exceptional Online Mock Exam on a date of your choice about 2-3 weeks before your exam (regular price $645). Because of the limited availability of our online mock exam and the high demand for it, it usually gets sold out in a few hours after we open the registration. However, in this package, you are guaranteed a spot in our online mock exam with no additional charge.
  3. 12-month subscription to our exceptional pre-recorded NAC OSCE course (regular price $995). We suggest that you start reviewing our pre-recorded NAC OSCE course at least two weeks before starting the interactive sessions to make maximum use of the sessions. Other courses either don’t have a pre-recorded component or their pre-recorded component is not comparable to ours as it is just a recording of their live classes where the students are exposed to clinical scenarios. You can try our pre-recorded course for free and experience this yourself. As you will see in the diagrams below, your journey with us has major differences from the journeys with other programs and that’s why our students succeed and are satisfied with our programs. For instance, in addition to high-quality video scenarios, our pre-recorded course includes other videos and notes that provide you with a systematic approachdetailed and organized strategies, tools, and step-by-step guidance to help you develop a strong foundation for your clinical skills. This foundation is essential for becoming skillful and confident in different competencies and handling any simulated or real clinical encounter comfortably. We continuously add updates, high-quality videos, and other useful content to our pre-recorded course and you will receive them with no additional charge during your subscription. 
  4. Optional live online interactive small-group practice sessions twice a week until your exam in 2022 along with recordings and notes of the sessions. As you may know, these sessions in combination with our pre-recorded (downloadable) course make our semi-interactive course. The online group sessions are held on Fridays (primary) at 6 PM PST/9 PM EST and Sundays (booster) at 12-1 PM PST/3-4 PM ET and can be joined by computer or phone. Each session includes at least one interaction in a clinical scenario, so you will have an opportunity to interact in a scenario and receive feedback periodically. You can also ask your questions, connect with others who are enrolled in the course, share useful information or talk about your progress. Attending the online sessions/conference calls is optional but recommended. For further information about these sessions, please check out our semi-interactive course.
  5. Direct and quick access to our well-known instructor, Dr. Vahid Nilforushan, for asking your questions outside live sessions. Because of the limited time of Dr. Vahid, and our commitment to provide special attention to our students, we limit the number of students we can accept. Most other courses do not provide direct access to their lead instructors outside live sessions and do not limit the number of their students.
  6. Eligibility for a 40% discount on 1-on-1 online interactive sessions with the instructor if further sessions needed ($60/hour for students as opposed to $99/hour for others)
  7. Eligibility for a 60% discount on UpToDate subscriptions (you will pay $23 US dollar plus tax per month to UpToDate if you want. If interested, please contact us for more information)
  8. Unlimited free access to our Essential Online NAC OSCE course which includes several invaluable components that everyone needs for NAC OSCE preparation.

Our pre-recorded (downloadable) course, which is a part of this course, and our semi-interactive course, consist of videos and documents that need to be downloaded to your devices. You will be able to use the videos and documents on two devices (one computer and one mobile device). The ability to use the videos on mobile devices (iPads/tablets or cellphones) was developed in May 2022 to help our students make maximum use of their time for preparation by making our invaluable videos accessible to them on the go.

You will need to install special software on your devices to use the videos and documents. You will receive the links for installing the special software and downloading the course videos and documents within a few hours after your purchase. After downloading the course package, you can disconnect from the internet and use the course offline.

Your name will appear as a transparent watermark on the videos and documents.

If you have not seen the reviews of our students who participated in our different preparation programs for Canadian clinical skills exams, you may click here to see what they had to say.

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